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turnkey & support services

Facilitating customer to setting up projects by budgeting/costing, engineering, planning, management, consultancy and construction process management services as well as by support services i.e. providing modern & sophisticated construction machinery & plants

core services

Turnkey, PM & Support Services

We provide complete solutions to clients with a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape and ensure that their renewable energy assets are optimized to their fullest potential.

support services

We Are Offering Services To Support Business And Sector Development In Renewable Fields.

additional services

Our Specialization

We support clients with solutions that focus on achieving their business goals. Our approach to remain transparent while communicating and collaborating with our clients makes us a reliable business partner. Additionally, we build client trust by offering high-quality services as per the client’s budget within achievable milestones.

Project Management Consultancy(PMC) Services

Ensure seamless coordination for project completion on time within budget 

Preliminary surveys, Contouring & soil investigation

Surveys- facilitating and Assistance for detailed Engineering                                       

Module Cleaning System

PEB Erection


Machinery Supports


Heavy Equipment Support

Consultancy Supports

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In-house multi-disciplinary teams for enhanced engineering and design. Efficient approaches in design and modelling to reduce CAPEX and long term project sustainability.